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Any presentation can be enhanced by using a banner stand light.  There are a variety of banner stands to choose from to best fit the needs of your company and your presentation.  Other companies will be using variations of banner stands to display their information.  The key to giving a lasting impression that will draw attention and bring future business is to alter your display to make it different then the usual display.  One way to draw attention to your booth is to have lights attached to your banner stand.

banner stand light

    LED lights can be utilized to highlight your information on your banner so everyone in the area is drawn to it.  Many trade shows and areas where they are a lot of people congested in one area are going to have poor or dark lighting.  Dim light can distract from your demonstration as people squint to be able to see the presenters.  It can also make it hard to read the information that you have on your graphic making the money you spent on your advertisement go to waste.  The light will cause your banner stand to have a greater impact on the crowd as you speak.

One aspect of an LED light is that it is easy to attach to your existing banner stand lights.  There is not need to set up stands or place the lights in strategic areas on the floor to avoid people tripping over them.  These lights will attach to the top of the display and then plug into the power source close to the display.  This makes the set up quick and painless.

   A great feature of a LED light is that they are not expensive.  They are a inexpensive accessory to add to your traveling advertisement.  Once the main fixture if bought you will only have to replace the bulbs when they burn out.  Which will not be often as LED bulbs are made to outlast other bulbs.   

banner stand light

    Another aspect that is important to remember is that many events are pushing to use only LED lights.  Investing now in a LED light fixture can save you the hassle and surprise of later needing to find lighting last minute.  The halogen bulbs are linked to more fires and most venues prefer the LED bulbs.  Since these bulbs also produce much less heat then other bulbs.  There will not be any worry about burning your banner as your lights are on all day.  Your demonstrators will be grateful as they are able to avoid sweating under the heat of other lights, but still have a great lighting effect on their demo. 

   In an industry where being seen is key there are certain steps to take to make sure you stand out.  Your company may have the best product or services, but without the correct representation it will never be noticed.  Using banner stands is becoming common practice for most companies.  Using the banner to stand out is becoming more challenging.  Use a LED light to enhance your display and your overall presence.

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